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Soft Knees® and ErgoKneel® products have been proven successful for thousands of workers from Alaska to New York. We guarantee that you will be equally pleased.


SoftKnees knee pads are perfect for workers who frequently kneel for short periods of time.


The sturdy, light weight SoftKnees molded pad is barely noticeable and fits in most double-knee workwear.
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ErgoKneel Mats are designed for severe kneeling conditions on all kinds of surfaces.


Providing ErgoKneel mats reduces knee trauma, low back stress, and helps protect your workers.
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The ultimate shock absorber for extreme standing designed for fixed workstations.


Our mats keep the body in gentle motion to improve circulation and joint lubrication while minimizing vibrations.
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Ergonomics designed for service workers to take the pain out of carrying a ladder.


Our closed-cell foam stops channel from biting shoulders and compresses to fit most step ladders.

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“So far, there has been universal acceptance of Soft Knees by everyone I have talked to, with high praises by all. Many have remarked that there seems to be a good balance between the cushioning effect and weight and pliability of the material. Everyone said they need to be able to walk around with out the knee pad interfering with movement and Soft Knees kneepads do very well.”

Annette Blake Swindler, Certified Industrial Ergonomist, Department of Consumer and Business Services (OR-OSHA)

“Soft Knees are great! Kneeling keeps the back in a much ‘safer’ position. Soft Knees fits in the double thickness of the Carhartt coveralls and we’ve also found that it fits in raingear with double thickness at the knee.”

Barbara Aguon, Safety Manager, City of Portland, Parks and Recreation

“Those that have tried the knee pad have remarked that they will use them from now on. We keep the pads available for anyone that wants to use them.”

Clay Murphy, Equipment Supervisor, Alaska Railroad Corp.

“Superior! I have had nothing but positive comments on the performance of your product. Everything from ‘best thing brought into this mill’ to ‘what took so long’. Thanks for your product and your service.”

Jeff Bowers, Safety Chairman, Weyerhaeuser

“We’re doing very well with your product – Soft Knees Knee Pads. Sales keep increasing every month. Thanks for being there.”

Allan Barnes, Pacific Apparel

“This is to thank you for providing such a simple yet most beneficial product. I intend to mention Soft Knees to the Pacific Maritime Association Safety Instructor at our next quarterly safety class, so that he may also recommend them to any longshoremen who may not now be aware of them. Keep up the good work, and again, I say thank you.”

Martin D. Larson, President, Larson's Marina

“Some of our employees have used Softknees since 1994 and would not work without them. Thank you for something new in blue-collar ergonomics.”

Theresa Hollan, Safety and Compliance, Tice Electric Co.

“If requests are any indication of the quality of your products, you are doing very well at Working Concepts. Our tool rooms are regularly getting requests for kneeling pads from your company. We hope to continue using these products for years to come.”

Gregory T. Miller, Manager of Health Services, Gunderson, Inc.

“We have not had one complaint from any of our employees, other than not having enough mats. We still have a hard time believing how well your mats held up for us. From the first time we were introduced to your products, you have asked us to have the highest expectations of your products, and we have. On behalf of all our employees, we would like to thank you for providing us great products, pricing, and service.”

Chris Mackin, Safety Director, Universal Forest Products, Inc.


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